Alexander the Great 亚历山大大帝-英汉对照

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Now it happened, just when Sparta and Athens had finished their disastrous war for the leadership of Hellas, that Macedonia was ruled by an extraordinarily clever man by the name of Philip. He admired the Greek spirit in letters and art but he despised the Greek lack of self-control in political affairs. It irritated him to see a perfectly good people waste its men and money upon fruitless quarrels. So he settled the difficulty by making himself the master of all Greece and then he asked his new subjects to join him on a voyage which he meant to pay to Persia in return for the visit which Xerxes had paid the Greeks one hundred and fifty years before.
就在斯巴达和雅典为争夺古希腊领导权而发动的那场灾难性战争刚刚结束时,碰巧是一个聪明绝顶的人 -- 菲利普正统治着马其顿。他崇尚文学艺术中所体现出的古希腊精神,但非常鄙视希腊人在政治事务上缺乏自制力。他看到一个优秀得几乎完美的民族把人力和财力浪费在毫无结果的纷争上,心里颇为恼火。于是,他使自己成为所有希腊人的主人,从而解决了这个难题。而后,他要求他的新子民加入他的远航,去讨伐波斯,以报复薛西斯150 年前侵犯希腊人的举动。

Unfortunately Philip was murdered before he could start upon this well-prepared expedition. The task of avenging the destruction of Athens was left to Philip's son, Alexander, the beloved pupil of Aristotle, wisest of all Greek teachers.
不幸的是,已精心准备的远征还未启程,菲利普就被谋杀身亡。为遭到破坏的雅典复仇的任务就落在了菲利普的儿子亚历山大的肩上。 他是希腊最睿智的老师亚里士多德的爱徒。

Alexander bade farewell to Europe in the spring of the year 334 B.C. Seven years later he reached India. In the meantime he had destroyed Phoenicia, the old rival of the Greek merchants. He had conquered Egypt and had been worshipped by the people of the Nile valley as the son and heir of the Pharaohs. He had defeated the last Persian king -he had overthrown the Persian empire; he had given orders to rebuild Babylon - he had led his troops into the heart of the Himalayan mountains and had made the entire world a Macedonian province and dependency. Then he stopped and announced even more ambitious plans.
The newly formed Empire must be brought under the influence of the Greek mind. The people must be taught the Greek language - they must live in cities built after a Greek model. The Alexandrian soldier now turned schoolmaster. The military camps of yesterday became the peaceful centers of the newly imported Greek civilization. Higher and higher did the flood of Greek manners and Greek customs rise, when suddenly Alexander was stricken with a fever and died in the old palace of King Hammurabi of Babylon in the year 323 B.C.
新成立的帝国必须接受希腊精神的影响。人们必须学习希腊语,他们必须生活在按照希腊模式建立起来的城市里。亚历山大的士兵如今变成了学校教师。昔日的军营变成了新引进的希腊文明的和平中心。就在古希腊礼仪和风俗的潮流愈加高涨之时,亚历山大突然得了热病,于公元前323 年死于巴比伦国王汉谟拉比的旧宫殿中。

Then the waters receded. But they left behind the fertile clay of a higher civilization and Alexander, with all his childish ambitions and his silly vanities, had performed a most valuable service. His Empire did not long survive him. A number of ambitious generals divided the territory among themselves. But they too remained faithful to the dream of a great world brotherhood of Greek and Asiatic ideas and knowledge.
such a firm hold upon the Roman world, that we feel its influence in our own lives this very day.

They maintained their independence until the Romans added western Asia and Egypt to their other domains. The strange inheritance of this Hellenistic civilization (part Greek, part Persian, part Egyptian and Babylonian) fell to the Roman conquerors. During the following centuries, it got