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Fatherhood is going to have a different meaning and (31)bring forth a different response from every man who hears these words. Some feel (32)proud when they receive the news, (33)while others worry, wondering whether they will be good father. (34)Although there are some men who like children and may have had (35)considerable experience with them, others do not particularly (36)care for children and spend little time with them. Many fathers and mothers have been planning and looking forward to children for some time. (37)For other couples, pregnancy was an accident that both husband and wife have (38)accepted willingly or unwillingly.

Whatever the (39)reaction to the birth of a child, it is obvious that the shift from the role of husband to (40)that of father is a difficult task. (41)Yet, unfortunately, few attempts have been made to (42)educate fathers in this resocialization (43)process. Although numerous books have been written about American mothers, (44)only recently has literature focused on the (45)role of a father.

It is argued by some writers that the transition to the father's role, although difficult, is not (46)nearly as great as the transition the wife must (47)make to the mother's role. The mother's role seems to require a complete (48)transformation in daily routine and highlyinnovative adaptation, (49)however, the father's role is less demanding and (50)immediate.