2011/04/16 分类:资源分享

今年的专四听写题为“British Holidaying Habits”,文字内容不难,出处见英国大使馆文化处,有改动。


In the late 1970s, air travel became affordable for the average family in the UK, and more people started travelling abroad for their summer holidays. After all, the British weather wasn’t very good, even in summer, so a lot of people left the country for a vacation.

In the 1980s and 1990s, young people in the UK became wealthier on average. As a result, they started to go abroad in groups, to places such as Spain and Greece. Once they arrived at their destination, they met with other groups of young people and had one long party.

British holidaying habits have begun to change, however. Climate change means that the UK now has a hotter climate, so people do not need to go overseas to find good weather. Also, going abroad is more expensive. As a result, more British people are choosing to spend their summer holidays in the UK.